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Fifth Grade Olympic Pentathlon

Physical movement and well-being is critical to children's healthy development. At a time when many schools are cutting recess and physical education, WSL is committed to promoting physical activity, exercise, and vitality in a variety of ways:
  • Two recesses daily in grades 1–8
  • Games class in the elementary grades
  • Physical education class in the middle school
  • Unique athletic competitions: 
    • Grade 5 Olympic Pentathlon
    • Grade 6 Medieval Games
  • Grades 7 & 8 ropes courses
  • Middle school athletics for boys and girls: soccer team (fall), basketball team (winter), and a Spring Conditioning course
In the fall, students in grades 6–8 are encouraged to join our boys' and girls' soccer teams, which compete in independent school league after-school games against Shady Hill, Meadowbrook, Belmont Day, Lexington Christian Academy, and the Carroll School, among others. Transportation is provided to and from all away games. Team practices take place twice a week after school, with additional skills classes offered upon demand.

In the winter, middle school students are encouraged to compete in basketball in the independent school league. Practices and games take place after school, with game-day transportation provided, and supplemental skills clinics on demand.

View our Athletics & Physical Education brochure to learn more about how WSL supports students' development through a range of physical activities.
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