Friday, September 11, 2009Volume MMIX Issue 1  
Words from the New Board President    

We begin our school year with a new Board President, Jan Connery. Jan is an alumni parent and long-time community member. She spoke at Tuesday evening’s School Warming, welcoming parents and giving a picture of the school and the year to come. You can read the full text by clicking below.

Open Office Hours for Parents    

Our Director of Finance and Administration, Joe O'Regan, is having open office hours for parents on Tuesdays from 1:30 - 3 p.m. and Thursdays from 8:15 - 9:30 a.m.  Please visit with any questions, comments, or if you simply want to say hello. Open office hours will be held in the conference room in the Main Office. Joe can be contacted by email or phone at 781-863-1063, extension 514.

Extended Day Programs Resume    

This Monday, September 14, Lilies Early Childhood Afternoon and Extended Afternoon will begin, carried by our Early Childhood teacher Elizabeth Stubbs.  The elementary Waldorf Neighborhood Extended Day Program also begins on Monday, headed by Susan Cody, with Megan Curtis on Tuesdays and Alice Griffin on Thursdays from 3-6 p.m. For more information, and to sign up for any of these programs, please visit the Admissions Page on the website.

New Parent Welcome Evening    

There will be an evening to welcome new parents on Wednesday, September 16 at 7:30 p.m. in the Eurythmy Room. We invite all new parents to come join us.  This evening is an opportunity to meet other new parents and several of our faculty and staff in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.  We hope to see you there!

School Cell Phone Policy    

We would like to remind you that cell phone use is not allowed inside school buildings. This includes the café, auditorium, office, and hallways, and applies to adults and students alike. Parents, please help us maintain a school space dedicated to learning by turning your cell phone off when you enter the buildings, and refraining from responding to calls, messages, or texts. The teachers and students appreciate your cooperation.

Teaching Science in Waldorf Schools    

The Adult Education Speaker Series of the Waldorf School of Lexington is pleased to present a lecture and workshop by Science Educator, Michael D'Aleo, "Teaching Science in Waldorf Schools: A Phenomenological Approach."   Michael D'Aleo will examine questions surrounding how the way we teach science today will lead to the breakthroughs of the future.
Please join us for the lecture on Friday, September 25, at 7 p.m. in the auditorium, entrance fee $15. This will be followed by a workshop on Saturday, September 26, from 9 a.m. to noon. The price of the workshop is $25; combined price for both lecture and workshop is $35. For more details and to register online, please visit this page.

Upcoming Calendar Events    

Wednesday, September 16
New Parent Welcome, 7:30 p.m., Eurythmy Room
Friday, September 18
Waldorf Park, noon, Parent-Tot room
Saturday, September 19
Rosh Hoshana
Monday, September 21
Sweet Peas class evening, 7 p.m.
Buttercups class evening, 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, September 23
5th Grade class evening, 7:30 p.m.
Friday, September 25
Waldorf Park, noon, Parent-Tot room
Michael D'Aleo, lecture, "Teaching Science in Waldorf Schools," 7 p.m.

Saturday, September 26
Michael D'Aleo, workshop, "Teaching Science in Waldorf Schools," 9 a.m.-noon
Monday, September 28
No School
Yom Kippur

Wednesday, September 30
Fairy Bell Nursery class evening, 7:30 p.m.
6th Grade class evening, 7:30 p.m.
8th Grade class evening, 7:30 p.m.

Hot Lunch Program    

The school's Hot Lunch Program begins the year on Monday, September 14.  Menus and ticket information can be found on the website in the Parent Pages section.

Foundation Studies    

Foundations Studies is an exploration of anthroposophy and the arts, offered by the Center for Anthroposophy. This is a program designed for anyone wishing to understand the underlying philosophical basis for Waldorf Education. It has been offered in school communities across the United States. No prior understanding of anthroposophy, the work of Rudolf Steiner, is needed. If interested, please contact Tricia Cooper, liaison for Waldorf School of Lexington at, 617 558 3322. Please click below for more details.

Events in the Larger Waldorf Community    

There are many anthroposophical events in and around the Boston area, and beyond, that support and enliven what we do here at school. Please follow the link below for frequently updated information and resources.

Community Classifieds    

Remember to check the Community Classifieds every week for information about any items of more general interest, such as music lessons, professional services, real estate, items for sale, or workshops in locations other than the school.  You can easily access this page on the website in the Community Section, where you will also find the submission form and guidelines.

Bulletin Submissions    

For future additions to this bulletin, please email Megan Curtis.  Items received by Wednesday afternoon will be included in that week's edition.

In this week's edition:    

  • Welcome
  • Visit the Community Section and the Parent Pages 
  • Keeping Contact Information Up-to-Date
  • Congratulations Frau Clark and Señora Rios
  • Community Member Farewell
  • Morning Arrival and Afternoon Dismissal 
  • Parking at School

If you missed a past edition of the Bulletin, or just need to look something up, you can now access the Bulletin in the Community Section of the Waldorf School of Lexington's website. 

This Week at the Waldorf School of Lexington    

The light from world-wide spaces
Works on within with living power;
Transformed to light of soul
It shines now into spirit depths
To bring to birth the fruits
Whereby out of the Self of worlds
The human Self in course of time shall ripen.

-Rudolf Steiner, Calendar of the Soul, Week 22

We would like to welcome all families--new and returning--to the Waldorf School of Lexington this week. This weekly school Bulletin will arrive in your inbox every Friday afternoon. The Bulletin is a way for families and the larger school community to learn about information and events here at the school, as well as to read more about general topics related to Waldorf education. If you have an item to submit to the Bulletin, please email Bulletin Editor Megan Curtis  at m.curtis @ (Please note that the bulletin @ address listed in the directory is no longer in use).  Items received by Wednesday afternoon will be included in that week's Bulletin.

An additional community resource is the Community Classifieds page, where community members can submit items of more general interest, such as music lessons, professional services, real estate, items for sale, or workshops in locations other than the school. You can easily access this page on the website in the Community Section, where you will also find the submission form and guidelines. Click here to visit the Community Classifieds page. Please direct questions concerning the Community Classifieds to Luana Preston .

Visit the Community Section and the Parent Pages    

This year it’s easy to find all the information you need on our website in the Community Section and the Parent Pages, including Hot Lunch Information, Flu Guidelines and Updates, Soccer Schedules and Sign Up Sheets, Parking Information, required forms, and more! Our goal is to make all information readily accessible to families while at home or at work.  The Parent Pages will host all information that is considered “closed” for privacy reasons to parents of currently enrolled students, and faculty/staff of the school. The Community Section houses information that is of broader interest and does not require privacy protection. We will be uploading information to the website regularly, so please visit often!

If you have any suggestions for information that you would find useful to have online, or questions about accessing the Parent Pages, please contact Outreach and Communications Director Holly Kania at extension 516, Tuesday – Thursday.

Keeping Contact Information Up-to-Date    

Our School Directory is now online and easily accessible on the Parent Pages section of the website, under the Community tab. There have been a lot of address changes and updates over the summer, and we are still working to make sure that everyone’s information is correct. Please have a look and make sure that your information is listed correctly. Any corrections should be emailed to Megan Curtis  or Tuija Voutilainen; corrections made by families on their online profile will not be automatically reflected in our records, so please let us know whenever there is a change in your mailing address, telephone number, or email address.

The directory will be updated with current information within the next few weeks; any changes made after that point will be placed in a regularly updated addendum document that will be available online.

Congratulations Frau Clark and Senora Rios    

We congratulate our foreign language teachers, Magnolia Rios (Spanish) and Christa Clark (German), who both completed their Waldorf Foreign Language Teacher Training at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento this summer. Each prepared and presented a final project: Frau Clark worked with the topic of teaching games in foreign language class according to children’s developmental stages, and how this supports the learning of language.  Señora Rios worked with the subject of storytelling through the grades, specifically with Latin American mythology and how it relates to the Main Lesson curriculum. Both teachers are looking forward to applying what they learned through their research in the classroom this year.

Community Member Farewell    

The school is deeply saddened by the passing of parent Dorene Dzuiba this summer after a long illness. A gifted writer and devoted school parent, Dorene was the mother of Milo Rossi, a student in Helena Niiva’s class. Interested members of the school community are invited to a memorial service for Dorene on Saturday, September 26 at 3 p.m., at Old Cambridge Baptist Church, 1151 Mass Ave, Cambridge. For more information about the service, and to read Dorene’s obituary, please click on the link below.

Morning Arrival and Afternoon Dismissal    

Due to the various programs in session here at school, times and procedures for morning drop-off and afternoon pickup vary.  Specific details about arrival and dismissal procedures are always available in the online Community Handbook, which can be found on the Parent Pages here.

Morning Arrival
Elementary classroom doors open at 8 a.m.  Please plan to have your child arrive at school by 8 a.m. in order to be ready to begin class at 8:10 a.m.
Kindergarten doors at 8:10 a.m.
Nursery doors at 8:20 a.m.

Early Morning Arrival Procedure
Supervised early morning arrival for students in grades 1-8 begins at 7:50 a.m. in the side yard of the Adams building near the ark;
please do not drop your child off any earlier, as there will be no teacher present before that time. Please do not send unsupervised children into the school building before 8 a.m. During inclement or winter weather, we will gather in the main hallway of the Adams building. Early mornings can be chilly, so be sure your child is dressed in layers so he or she can enjoy the crisp morning air. Children in the early childhood classes must be escorted by an adult or older sibling for arrival and should wait in the hallway until the classroom door opens.

Afternoon Dismissal
Elementary, grades 6–8: Daily at 3:05 p.m.
Elementary, grades 1–5: Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri. at 3:05 p.m.; Thurs. at 1:05 p.m.
Kindergarten: Daily at 12:30 p.m.
Nursery: Daily at noon.
Early Childhood Afternoon Program: Daily at 3 p.m.

  • For dismissal, parents of nursery and kindergarten children should park in one of the school lots and meet their children in the garden or other place designated by their teacher.
  • First graders are dismissed at 3 p.m., before the other elementary students; parents of first graders may park in the Follen Church lot or on Mass Ave and pick up their children at the Ark playground.
  • Parents of children in grades 2-6 should pull into the school driveway and wait in their cars until their children are called down.
  • Seventh and eighth graders are dismissed on their own; please arrange with your child for pick-up. If you plan to wait in your car for a seventh or eighth grader, it is best to arrive at 3:15 or later.
Parking at School    

As there is often confusion about where and when parents can park at the school, we would like to remind families of our parking procedures.  There is no parking on school grounds for families of elementary students: simply drive through the horseshoe and stay in your car to drop off and pick up your child. If you do need short-term parking, it is available on Mass Ave., Follen Rd., or on the right side of the Follen Church lot.  The Follen Church lot is located on Mass Ave, across the street from the school, just west of the crosswalk.  Early Childhood parents, in addition to the options above, may park in the South Lot (to the right of the Adams building). During morning drop-off only, you may park in the Adams back lot (used for recess during the day). Please do not park in the lot at 703 Mass Ave, which is reserved for faculty.

No parking areas for all families at all times:
No parking anywhere along the horseshoe.
No parking in the lot on the left side of the Adams building.
No parking on the south (left) side of the Follen Church parking lot.
No parking at 703 Mass. Ave.

Please click here for a detailed description and parking map.

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