The School Announces Opening of a Third Kindergarten



The Waldorf School of Lexington announced last week the addition of a new kindergarten class to meet growing demand for its developmental view of childhood education. The school will now offer three kindergarten classes, allowing it to serve over 40 children from Lexington and surrounding towns.


“We weren’t happy with having to wait list or turn away many families who want this education for their child,” says Admissions Director Tuija Voutilainen. Inspired by a growing body of research from groups as varied as the Alliance for Childhood and the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents increasingly seek pre-schools that view free play as essential to children’s healthy learning, rather than as an afterthought when the work sheets are done. 


Waldorf educators encourage young children to romp outdoors, to play imaginatively, and to do useful work in the classroom, like cooking and table setting. “Kindergarteners in our school learn at a natural pace, without intense academic pressure that just isn’t appropriate at this stage in their development,” says Voutilainen. 


The school, which serves children from pre-school through grade eight, is confident its play-rich approach is right for young children, and it points to graduates who later thrive in area public, independent, and Waldorf high schools--and in life--as evidence. “Imaginative play is one of the best foundations for future growth and success in school -- young children learn through their bodies, their imaginations, and their social relationships, not just their intellects,” says Voutilainen. 


For more information on research on the importance of play in the preschool years, visit the school’s website


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